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Faurecia News

Faurecia acquires start-up IRYStec software to enhance user experience of cockpit display systems 

 Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, today announced the acquisition of the Canadian start-up IRYStec Software. IRYStec has developed the world’s first software platform using perception and physiology to optimize the user experience of display systems. 


New "Track control arms" catalogue

The track control arms are structural components that provide the connection between the wheel unit and the vehicle chassis via the interpositioning of a subframe to which the suspension is anchored. Together with shock absorbers, springs and tyres, control arms are responsible for road holding and drive comfort.

Fire Shield Systems

Dafo Vehicle introducing Li-IonFire increasing the safety of electric and hybrid electric vehicle operations

As there is a global transition to renewable fuels, there is an increasing demand for electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV). However, knowledge is limited about the new fire risks associated with vehicles having these new energy carriers.

Borgwarner News

Delphi Technologies Shareholders Approve Acquisition by BorgWarner

BorgWarner Inc. Announced that shareholders of Delphi Technologies PLC ("Delphi Technologies") approved BorgWarner’s all-stock acquisition of Delphi Technologies at a special meeting today. An overwhelming majority of Delphi Technologies’ shareholders voted in favor of the transaction.

Nokian Tyres News


Self-driving cars also set requirements for tires. Sensors connected to tires will be one of the things that play an important role when machines observe driving conditions instead of humans. An expert from Nokian Tyres believes that smart tires will be commonplace within five years at the latest.

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