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Tyre industry solutions by SMC

Find in SMC “your support on the road to excellence”.


SHAKE Road Condition Sensor Supported on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion Platform

HELLA, the automotive supplier operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, announced today its innovative Structural Health and Knock Emission (SHAKE) sensor for road condition detection is now supported on the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion autonomous-vehicle development platform. With the SHAKE sensor, vehicles are able to hear and feel the environmental noise spectrum, analyse those characteristics, and initiate actions for driver safety and comfort.

Dürr Systems AG News

Dürr wins 2022 Automotive News PACE Award

Dürr‘s EcoPaintJet Pro impresses with innovative technology and sustainability.

John Deere News

Kreisel Electric to expand battery production capacities to over 2 GWh

Deere & Company announced its next steps in meeting the growing demand for batteries as a sole- or hybrid-propulsion system. In addition to the production facility in Austria, John Deere is making an immediate investment in two additional locations to increase the production capacity expansion of Kreisel Electric ("Kreisel") the battery technology pioneer in which John Deere recently acquired majority ownership.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz paves way for early sub-THz research activities with new R&S FE170 D band frontend extensions

Rohde & Schwarz presents an innovative signal generation and analysis solution for measurements in the D band that will significantly simplify early next generation mobile communications research. The new R&S FE170 frontend extensions are easy to mount to and configure with the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer. The extensions will allow the two high-end test instruments to cover frequency ranges between 110 GHz and 170 GHz – key spectrum for beyond 5G, for 6G technology and for future automotive radar applications.

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