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Faurecia News

Innovation for sustainable interiors

Innovation for sustainable materials is taking place across our Business Groups and within the Sustainable and Smart Product Line. Sustainable solutions for vehicle interiors, inscribed in the “Interior for the Planet” initiative, are developed based on 3 pillars: use less, incorporate recyclable and recycled materials, and create alternatives to petrol solutions, with no impact on cost. By 2030, we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint of materials by 87%.

Audi News

Solar nanogrids with Audi e-tron battery modules: Audi Environmental Foundation and start-up Nunam enter into second project phase

Second life instead of premature recycling: German-Indian startup Nunam and its cofounder, Berlin-based Prodip Chatterjee along with his team have turned two Audi e-tron battery modules from test vehicles into a solar nanogrid.

Vibracoustic News

Vibracoustic equipped all-electric Hongqi E-HS9 luxury-class SUV with air springs and hydro bushings

Vibracoustic delivers front and rear axle air springs as well as hydro bushings for the new Hongqi E-HS9 to provide excellent driving comfort. The all-electric luxury-class SUV is available on the Chinese market since late 2020 and is the top-of-the-line luxury SUV from Hongqi, the luxury brand of the Chinese car manufacturer FAW.

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