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Stellantis News

Stellantis Unveils BEV-native STLA Large Platform

STLA Large platform enables segment-leading capabilities including embedded energy (118 kWh), charging efficiency (4.5 kWh per minute), and performance (0-100 km/h or 62 mph in 2-second range).

Melexis News

Melexis inserts proven safety in its smart shunt solutions

Melexis launches the new MLX91231, increasing its automotive current sensor range by adding a shunt-based sensing solution. Meeting functional safety requirements, this IVT device combines high accuracy with the intelligence and flexibility of a digital microcontroller unit (MCU).

Volvo Penta News

Volvo Penta sets sights on productivity advancements

Volvo Penta is introducing customer-centric productivity solutions through advanced vehicle control systems, allowing for seamless co-existence and scalability of flexible, up-to-date features and interfaces.

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