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Stauff News


It all began with a requirements specification from a customer. The result is the QRC-HT threaded coupling now presented by Stauff, which was specially developed for connecting hydraulic lines in automotive engineering.

Vector News

Bringing High-Performance into the Vehicle: Take Advantage of Everything That AUTOSAR Has to Offer with PREEvision 9.5

Modern electric/electronic systems combine the computing power needed for data-rich applications with the flexibility to improve and evolve during life time by updates and upgrades. PREEvision 9.5 helps you to develop such future-proof E/E systems based on high-performance computers and the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform. With PREEvision, you can easily integrate HPCs and AUTOSAR Adaptive into existing architectures.

Siemens News

Siemens supports sustainable urban transport with eBus charging infrastructure in Nuremberg

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has received a contract from Verkehrs- Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg (VAG) to equip its new “eBus port” with a medium- voltage connection and charging infrastructure. With 39 parking spaces, it will be one of the largest electric bus depots in Germany. Located on the VAG premises in the Nuremberg suburb of Schweinau, it will be supplied solely with green electricity. Construction has already started, and operations are scheduled to start in 2021.


Eaton announces new Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings designed to work together, enabling safe and effective fluid conveyance

The power management company Eaton today announced the launch of the Synflex Optimum family of thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings, designed to work together to improve hydraulic system performance, simplify assembly and optimise inventory.

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