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ZF Aftermarket: New Lemförder Chassis Parts for Electric Vehicles

Automotive supplier ZF is one of the world's largest manufacturers of chassis components for cars, vans and trucks. ZF Aftermarket also sells these products on the independent aftermarket under the Lemförder brand.

ZF Aftermarket: New Lemförder Chassis Parts for Electric Vehicles

Suspension components such as control arms, stabilizer links or wheel joints are not only subject to normal wear and tear but can also be damaged by accidents or driving errors. In the case of electric cars, in particular, “harmless car park accidents" are increasingly resulting in damage that makes repairs absolutely necessary. With their enormous acceleration, these vehicles can reach high speeds even over short distances. If the driver then rumbles over a kerb, this can quickly damage the chassis components.

And of course, this also happens with brand new cars. This makes it all the more important for independent workshops to have access to original quality spare parts right from the start - from Lemförder, for example. ZF Aftermarket sells an extensive range of chassis components under this brand. Around 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide use chassis parts from ZF for their cars. Many electric cars are also equipped with ZF components.

Coverage of a wide range of vehicle models
ZF Aftermarket regularly adds new spare parts to its product portfolio and covers a wide range of models from various vehicle manufacturers with its program of Lemförder components. Customers can find specific information quickly using the search function in the ZF Aftermarket online product catalogue. New additions include chassis parts for the following electrically powered models:
  • Audi Q4 (axial joint, control arm, tie rod, etc.)
  • BMW i7 (control arm, stabilizer link)
  • Jaguar I-PACE (control arm, wheel joint)
  • Porsche Taycan (stabilizer link, tie rod)
  • Skoda ENYAQ iV (axial joint, control arm, etc.)
  • VW ID.3, ID.4 and ID.Buzz (stabilizer link)
  • VW ID.Buzz (wheel joint)
Lemförder spare parts correspond 100 per cent to the specifications of the respective car manufacturer. There are no changes in terms of dimensions or material. This ensures that the original driving behavior and crash safety remain guaranteed after the repair.

Car dealerships that opt for ZF [pro]Tech in addition to the spare parts from ZF Aftermarket also benefit from extensive additional services. These include installation instructions and technical data and information, for example on car manufacturer service campaigns and much more. With every spare parts purchase, the points account at proPoints, the joint bonus system of ZF Aftermarket and three other well-known parts suppliers, grows automatically. Workshops can use their bonus points for training or workshop equipment, for example, or to secure attractive rewards.

Over the next two years, ZF Aftermarket will continue to expand its program with chassis components for e-vehicles from a wide range of international OEMs to supply independent workshops with suitable spare parts at an early stage after market launch.

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