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Samsung will demonstrate its automotive semiconductor solutions for future mobility at IAA MOBILITY 2023, to be held in Munich, Germany.


Samsung Semiconductor has announced that it is participating in the upcoming IAA MOBILITY 2023 for the first time in its history.

Blazing the Trail with Next-Generation Technology
At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung is showcasing innovations that will help it reshape the automotive industry. Here are the key products Samsung will place front and centre at the event:

1. Memory
The central gateway is the nerve centre that orchestrates the many functions of future vehicles. As such, it serves as the communications hub and facilitates seamless data exchange between all vehicle domains.

IVI enables drivers and passengers to access a wide array of information and entertainment. Advanced IVI systems require AI capabilities to empower drivers to use natural language to interact with the system. For the advanced design of the central gateway and IVI, Samsung offers diverse memory solutions that are optimized for high-speed, high-volume data processing with enhanced power efficiency.

At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will showcase a wide range of its product portfolio for diverse applications such as the LPDDR5X for central gateways, the GDDR7 for Infotainment, the eMMC for Telematics and the Detachable Auto SSD for ADAS & Self-Driving.

2. Processor
Within the automotive industry, there is a growing need for powerful next-generation IVI SoCs that can play movies and run various applications or games on multiple displays in the vehicle.

At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will showcase the Exynos Auto V920, which features a powerful GPU for rich visual experiences, an NPU for AI capability, embedded DSP for premium audio, and a safety island for enforced safety. The Exynos Auto V920 will herald a new generation of infotainment systems that elevate entertainment and enhance safety when driving.

3. Sensor
Automotive vision requires the following advancements in camera technology:
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) of up to 120dB and above in order to accurately detect vehicles and objects in harsh lighting environments
  • LED flicker mitigation (LFM) of headlights, traffic signals and road signs for a clearer view of the road and surroundings
  • Reduced motion artifacts to enable accurate sensing of objects or signs, even when driving at high speeds
Next-generation ISOCELL Auto image sensors address these needs and propel the automotive industry forward. The ISOCELL Auto sensor features CornerPixel™, a unique pixel structure with two photodiodes — one big and one small — designed specifically for automotive purposes. CornerPixel™ allows the ISOCELL Auto sensor to provide a clearer view of the road ahead through enhanced HDR capabilities with LFM and less motion blur.

At IAA MOBILITY, the company will showcase the ISOCELL Auto 1H1, which offers improved HDR capability for precise sensing and image sensors for advanced in-cabin cameras.

4. Foundry
Samsung’s Foundry business is playing a major role in the transformation of the automotive industry with its high-performance platform solutions, from process technology to automotive design infrastructure and package solutions. With advanced process technology and a highly customized and optimized foundry ecosystem, Samsung enables partners’ innovation for mobility with transformative solutions that apply to ADAS, IVI and AD.

At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will showcase its automotive process technology roadmap from 14nm to 2nm, its IP and design infrastructure readiness and its design methodology.

5. LED
Samsung LED automotive lighting solutions range from high-quality LED chips to system modules providing established products and seamless services with the following differentiations:
  • The PixCell LED, which delivers ultimate precision for intelligent headlamps, is a new Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) lighting solution that empowers car manufacturers to create smaller lamps with precise and selective lighting control.
  • The next-generation Micro LED technology, which is evolved from PixCell LED, is ideally suited for ultra-high-resolution head-up displays (HUDs) while enabling driver information viewing through augmented reality (AR) glasses.
At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will showcase its diverse solutions including the PixCell LED, Micro LED and Mini LED.

Well-Positioned for an Evolving Landscape
Automotive mobility is rapidly evolving. Samsung’s vision of Revolutionizing the Road Ahead represents has a clear roadmap for meeting the challenges this shifting landscape poses. As a company that prides itself on innovation, Samsung is changing mobility for the better today, and will continue to do so into the future.

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