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Innovative, Advanced and Systematic

Webasto Presents Latest Solutions at Busworld 2019.

Innovative, Advanced and Systematic
With you on every journey – this is the pledge Webasto sates with its presence at Busworld in Brussels, Belgium, from October 18 to 23, 2019. At booth 217, hall 2, the global systems partner to almost all automotive manufacturers premiers its Thermal Management System for electrical vehicles. The holistic and systematic concept is able to provide optimal temperature to passengers, batteries, drive train and electronics. It comprises the Webasto CV Standard Battery, which, for the first time, can be experienced live in a bus driving in Brussels.

Smart and holistic thermal management from one single source

With the Thermal Management System for electric vehicles, Webasto introduces a new technology, new components and new units in one fully integrated system. The concept ensures constant and optimal temperatures for passenger, battery, drive train and power electronics. Thanks to its decade long expertise, Webasto is able to integrate all parts into one holistic system. This approach bases on the use of waste heat recovery principles to supplement cabin heating and heat pump operation – this leads to a battery range extension of about 25 percent.

The system comprises the proven High-Voltage Heater HVH 100 with a constant efficiency of 95 percent. The Cronus Smart functions as the central unit controlling all compontents of the system. This, just as the modular design of the CV Standard Battery, ensures the optimal, tailored integration into any vehicle system. Of course, all elements of the thermal management system are perfectly aligned to each other, but they are not depending on oneanother: The e.GO Mover from e.GO MOOVE GmbH displayed at the booth perfectly shows how the thermal management system from Webasto can be tailored to e.GOs very own battery system.

Within two years from idea to market maturity: Webasto modular battery solution

With its latest addition to the product portfolio, the CV Standard Battery, Webasto serves the comprehensive demands of the electromobility market. The reliable, cost-optimized system creates an standardized solution for the commercial vehicle market. Using the CV Standard as base, the customer can create individualized systems at attractive conditions with well-known Webasto quality, even for small quantities – perfect for the market of electric public transportation. For the first time, the CV Standard Battery can be experienced in full operation, installed in the bus from I SEE Electric Busses GmbH, which is driving in Brussels.

Webasto: System solutions for electromobility

Thanks to its long-standing experience as systems partner and with its electronics expertise, Webasto is able to demonstrate its comprehensive system competence for electromobility. Next to the Thermal Management System with its key components HVH and HVAC, Webasto presents at Busworld the Charging Solution Webasto Pure, suitable for all electric and hybrid vehicles with Type 2 connectors, offering scalable charging power of 3.7 to 22kW. Of course, also the well-proven Webasto products are showcased, such as the modular rooftop airconditioning system Cool Top 220 RT-C for midi buses, the compact designed water heater Thermo Top Pro 120/150 with 12 or 15kW heating power and the control unit Thermal Management Control Plus for easy usability.

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