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Magneti Marelli Aftermarket expands its product offer on the French market

At a press conference on the occasion of the Equip Auto show, Magneti Marelli Aftermarket announced a great many new products for the French market.

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket expands its product offer on the French market
Under the aegis of the new Marelli company, the French teams of the OEM of spare parts for LVs, LCVs and HGVs remain on track for success. They are continuing the sustained development of the product offer with the launch of new product families and the expansion of existing ranges.

With the aim of offering independent aftermarket players an ever wider and deeper product portfolio, Magneti Marelli Aftermarket continues to expand its offer in its preferred fields, namely bodywork, electronic and electrical systems, mechanical products and certain consumable product lines. In order to adapt to all the demands of the market, Magneti Marelli Aftermarket sells original-quality components, some of which are designed and installed as original equipment for the major car manufacturers, but also spare parts with a more attractive price positioning. These parts, which bear the eQual label, offer excellent value, with savings ranging from 20-25% compared to the equivalent original parts.

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket launches two brand new product ranges in France

At Equip Auto, Magneti Marelli Aftermarket announced the launch of two brand new product ranges on the French market: EGR valves and shock absorbers.

These product lines are already being sold in other European markets and are entering the aftermarket in France after extensive work on the ranges to ensure that they are perfectly suitable for the vehicles in the French fleet.

Thomas Caron, Country Manager in charge of the French market commented: “Magneti Marelli Aftermarket has a wide range of products available. However, not all of our product ranges are available for the French market. We look into the relevance of launching a range of products in France on a case-by-case basis. When we decide to do so, we ensure that we can offer significant fleet coverage. Today, we are launching EGR valves and shock absorbers with the firm conviction that we have a part to play by representing a new and markedly different alternative for the repairer”.

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket completes its product ranges for better fleet coverage

In France, Magneti Marelli Aftermarket is continuing to roll out its product offering at a sustained pace. By the end of the year, the team plans to complete its range of Chain Kits, its range of Robotised Gearboxes and will also enrich its range of rear-view mirrors.

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