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Webasto open to New Ideas

Webasto, world market leader for roof systems, supplies the soft top for the first CUV convertible from Volkswagen. In the convertible version, the T-Roc combines the advantages of a compact crossover, such as a raised seating position with the special open-air driving experience. A mix that is very popular in the market, as a customer study conducted by Webasto has shown.

Continental News

Continental and Pioneer Agree on Strategic Partnership for a New User Experience

The technology company Continental and the Pioneer Corporation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Their integrated infotainment solution means both partners create a holistic user experience that is specially aimed at the Asian market.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG News

Rolls-Royce and Daimler Truck AG plan cooperation on stationary fuel-cell systems

Rolls-Royce plc and Daimler Truck AG plan to cooperate on stationary fuel-cell generators as CO2-neutral emergency power generators for safety-critical facilities such as data centers. They are to offer emission-free alternatives to diesel engines, which are currently used as emergency power generators or to cover peak loads. Daimler Truck AG and the British technology group Rolls-Royce have signed an agreement to this effect. A comprehensive cooperation agreement is to be prepared and signed by the end of the year.

Valeo News

Valeo to support the French automotive recovery plan by locating new technologies like 48V in France

Valeo welcomes the measures announced by the French government under the automotive recovery plan, which was prepared rapidly and involved constructive collaboration with the French automotive industry. With a focus on the transition towards greener mobility, the plan combines measures to encourage both supply and demand and leverages the industrial and innovative resources available on the French market.

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