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New Fuel pump from Airtex is a game changer

Airtex Products offers an extensive fuel pump range for the European market, covering more than the 80% of the carpark.

Rohde & Schwarz

Testing automotive electronics: Rohde & Schwarz exhibits fast, robust and compact test solutions at EMV 2020

Today's vehicles contain more and more electronics with RF technology, radio components, radars and high speed data buses. This makes it difficult for automobile manufacturers to ensure that electronic emissions remain within specified limits and that vehicles are not susceptible to external interference sources. That's why, at EMV 2020 in Cologne (Germany), Rohde & Schwarz will present EMC test solutions specifically for users in the automotive industry: the fastest CISPR-25 certification, a robust and compact BCI test system, and R&S AdVISE version 5, which keeps a close eye even on vibrating display elements during EMS tests.

Dürr Systems AG News

The Dürr Group grows through production technology for electric vehicles

The automotive industry is investing large sums in electromobility. In doing so, it is focusing not only on developing battery-powered cars but also on equipping its plants with modern production technology. This provides an opportunity for the Dürr Group: In 2019, incoming orders relating to e-mobility production technology increased by 44% to € 390 million. Aside from well-established OEMs, customers also include many new manufacturers of battery vehicles.

ZF News

Open Manufacturing Platform expands: Anheuser-Busch InBev, BMW Group, Bosch, Microsoft and ZF team up to accelerate manufacturing innovation at scale

The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) has expanded, with new steering committee members and new working groups established. OMP is an alliance founded in 2019 to help manufacturing companies accelerate innovation at scale through cross-industry collaboration, knowledge and data sharing as well as access to new technologies. The OMP was founded under the umbrella of the Joint Development Foundation, which is part of the Linux Foundation.

Here News

HERE and Cerence bring more personalized, contextualized in-car experiences to drivers worldwide

The global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the automotive world, and HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, today announced that they have teamed up to integrate HERE location intelligence with the Cerence Drive portfolio to bring advanced AI-powered mobility assistant offerings to the automotive industry.

Continental News

The new Continental WinterContact TS 870

For the new WinterContact TS 870, the tyre engineers at Continental have come up with a new tread design and compound. Their challenging mission was to develop an even better tyre than its multi award-winning predecessor.

Hepco Motion News

Cutting-edge Electric Vehicle Battery Production using HepcoMotion’s V Guide Systems

Global concern for the environment continues to drive developments in green technology and this is particularly notable in the increase in demand for electrical vehicles. As uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, the EV battery industry has needed to grow in tandem. The specific benefits of HepcoMotion’s V guide system have proved invaluable in satisfying the requirement for new production facilities and processes.

Voith News

Voith strengthens its market presence in Morocco

The DIWA.6 automatic transmission reduces fuel consumption by up to five percent and thus protects the environment.

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