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TASKING at embedded world 2024

The company’s experts will be showcasing automotive software development tools at booth 255 in hall 4.

TASKING at embedded world 2024

TASKING’s experts will be showcasing automotive software development tools at booth 255 in hall 4 at embedded world.

TASKING will be presenting its latest tools for the development of high-performance, safe and secure embedded automotive software at embedded world 2024 in Nuremberg from April 9 to 11, 2024. At booth 255 in hall 4, TASKING will be presenting its wide range of tools that span the complete software development process, known as “Compile, Debug, Analyze”.

One of TASKING’s pillars of success is its focus on safety and security-compliant development. The company’s certified tools, aligned with ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 standards, empower designers to fast-track their software development while maintaining compliance. A current industry trend is test automation, and how the use of CI environments and test automation farms can drastically improve the efficiency of the development process. TASKING’s experts will demonstrate how the iC7mini and other versions of the BlueBox can turn this into a reality.

TASKING will have four demos at the booth:

  • Workstation 1 will showcase a battery management system designed by TASKING’s partner Neutron Controls that is based on an AURIX™ TC4x microcontroller from Infineon Technologies. The demo will highlight the newest release of the SmartCode Integrated Development Environment Toolset and the BlueBox hardware debugger iC7mini.
  • Workstation 2 will show a simple application running on the NXP S32Z270A that was built on the recently released VX-Toolset for ARMv7.0, which provides support for NXP® Semiconductor's S32Z and S32E real-time processors with Arm® Cortex®-R52 architecture.
  • Workstation 3 highlights TASKING's RISC-V tool support. The RISC-V tools enable compilation, verification, debugging, performance tuning, timing analysis, and coverage analysis for software running on multi-core, multi-hart SoCs. The tools are demonstrated using Andes' ISO 26262-certified RISC V processor IPs and associated MachineWare Virtual Models. This demo will also be shown at the upcoming Andes RISC V Conferences in Taiwan, China and Japan.
  • Finally at Workstation 4, TASKING together with Vector will demonstrate ARTI-based AUTOSAR Profiling with Vector MICROSAR Classic on a TC399XE Eval Board as well as a virtual ECU, using a Synopsys TC39x VDK. winIDEA enables the execution of trace-based timing tests on both real and virtual targets without changes to the test environment, such as test scripts or third-party tools.

In addition to the demos, TASKING will be presenting two technical topics during the embedded world conference. On 10 April at 4 p.m., Gerard Vink, Industry Specialist at TASKING, will speak on “Power and Energy Dissipation Aware Compiler Optimizations” about how the design and implementation of software affects the energy consumption of embedded systems. On the same day, at 5 p.m., Markus Krahl will address the topic “An Industrial Case Study on Formal Verification of Embedded C-Code Using Open-Source Tools”. In his presentation, he will examine the suitability of tools for formal methods to improve the overall quality of embedded C code, particularly with regard to security and protection functions.

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