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Cojali: What is an exhaust brake made of?

The exhaust brake of a commercial vehicle is responsible for creating back pressure in the exhaust system, since it is capable of reducing the output flow of exhaust gases. Thanks to this, the vehicle is stopped by generating a loss of load in the output gas flow.

Cojali: What is an exhaust brake made of?

This auxiliary braking system is frequently used, since it provides a quick response and contributes to reducing the wear of brake pads.

These are some of the most important components of the exhaust brake:

The exhaust pressure regulator has a gate that modifies the output area of the exhaust gases, depending on the pressure applied on this gate. Due to this change, it becomes more difficult for the fluid to be released into the atmosphere.

The exhaust brake valve is in charge of controlling the pressure sent to the gate of the exhaust pressure regulator. For that purpose, it has a proportional solenoid valve capable of controlling the output pressure depending on the exhaust brake level that needs to be applied.

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