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Innovative charging technology from a single source

Equip your charging points with CHARX from Phoenix Contact. Our comprehensive portfolio, from the CCS charging cable to the charging management solution, forms the basis for a high-performance charging grid for e-vehicles. Our experts will support you in designing and planning your charging solution – whether it is an AC home charger or a HPC fast charging station.

Innovative charging technology from a single source

Discover our broad charging infrastructure portfolio
As a manufacturer of components for e-vehicle charging stations, we supply all of the equipment for charging stations and home chargers

Innovative charging technology from a single source

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Rapid creation of a tailored charging infrastructure solution
All products and expert advice from a single source
We will assist you in developing your charging solution: With a complete portfolio, professional advice regarding product selection and engineering, practical application examples, and expert know-how. If needed, we will also develop customer-specific solutions or new technologies. We are there for you worldwide, also in your vicinity.

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Easy charging station installation, commissioning, and maintenance
Save time, space, and money
The uniform, modular product design and the tool-free Push-in connection technology allows you to install and wire the components in the charging station in a quick, convenient, and space-saving way. A special panel feed-through ensures easy installation of the HPC charging cable. With maintenance-friendly and replaceable product components you are going to save both time and money during service works.

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Fast, safe, and highly available electric car charging stations
Ensure the 24/7 operation of your charging points
As the pioneers of fast charging technology we develop future-oriented technologies like High Power Charging (HPC) and, with that, enable short charging times that are suitable for everyday use. Reliable charging connection systems and controllers as well as high-performance power supplies, protective devices, and cybersecurity products guarantee safe, economic 24/7 operation of your charging infrastructure.

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Smart charging management and maximum transparency
Network and control your charging park
Network your charging points with communicative products, open standard protocols, and established interfaces such as Modbus/TCP, REST, MQTT, or OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). Realize the convenient control and transparent monitoring of your charging park including dynamic load management, as well as a seamless connection to building management and backend systems. Charging connector status and usage data allow preventive planning of maintenance when it comes to wear and tear.

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Future-proof investment and flexible extension
Invest based on needs
Depending on the number, charging power, and scope of functions of your charging points, you can choose the appropriate product combination from our scalable portfolio. With modular charging controllers and power electronics as well as graded software licenses and over-the-air updates, you are well prepared for future developments and extensions of your charging park.

Innovative charging technology from a single source
Pure e-mobility is a key factor on the path to the All Electric Society. A convenient and carbon-neutral charging process not only requires a fast charging network for electric vehicles, but also coupling with other sectors. With our high-performance and intelligent CHARX products, we will ready you for the e-mobility of the future – sustainable, networked, and practical.
Joachim Pucker, Senior Director Market Segment Infrastructure, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH

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