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Allison Transmission Offers a Special Campaign to Extend Coverage Periods in Bus Segment

Allison Transmission organizes a special campaign to extend the transmission coverage period to 5 years for intercity buses and coaches equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions to be delivered by Turkish OEMs to European bus operators in 2021.

Allison Transmission Offers a Special Campaign to Extend Coverage Periods in Bus Segment

Allison fully automatic transmissions currently come with a two-year standard warranty including 100% part and labor warranty based on model series and vocations. The standard warranty may involve mileage limitations for certain application series and vocations. Allison Transmission offers a new campaign to provide extended coverage for the buses that Turkish bus manufacturers will deliver in Europe as of January 2021. Within scope of the 1-year campaign, the warranty period for the transmissions will be extended from two-year standard warranty to a total coverage period of five years regardless of mileage.

In addition to the proven reliability and durability, Allison fully automatic transmissions deliver high performance as well as long lasting economic life and low maintenance costs. Along with all the benefits, Allison sustains the company’s reliability commitment and supports bus fleets with its three-year free extended warranty campaign to be organized in 2021.

“By extending the coverage period of Allison Torqmatic® Series fully automatic transmissions to five years, we confirm confidence in the durability, reliability and performance of our products for our customers who offer public and intercity transportation services. In the bus segment, our users prefer Allison being aware of the benefits of fully automatic transmission. With our new campaign launched in Europe, we once again underline the advantages of Allison transmissions and their contribution to total cost of ownership,” said Atak Talas, Regional Director of Allison Transmission for Turkey and Middle East.

Thanks to this new extended coverage campaign, all Allison transmissions in the specification of those buses produced by Turkish OEMs will gain 100% part and labor coverage regardless of mileage. The campaign covering Allison T series fully automatic transmissions extends the coverage period by an additional three years. Allison Approved TES 295® or the new TES 668TM transmission fluids and Genuine Allison filters are required to be used in the transmissions within the coverage period to remain eligible.

Use of Allison approved TES 295® or the new TES 668TM transmission fluids” extends the period between fluid replacement intervals and increases transmission performance and durability. Allison approved fluids can be used for longer periods without requiring a replacement and contribute to low operating costs. TES 295® oil has proven effectiveness and provides better friction performance, more consistent clutch and gear shifting. Genuine Allison Filters that are manufactured as per the factory specifications are supported by factory warranty.

The campaign, that will be available from January 1 to December 31, does not cover the stock vehicles that were previously manufactured and sold in 2021.

Only vehicles that will be built 2021 with transmissions delivered to the OEM(s) in 2021 will be within this program. Transmission and vehicle chassis number should be registered with Allison Transmission’s aftersales channel by December 31, 2021 in order to extend the coverage period of the transmissions that are eligible for the campaign. For detailed information you may consult to your local OEM dealer.

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