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Faurecia acquires start-up IRYStec software to enhance user experience of cockpit display systems 

 Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, today announced the acquisition of the Canadian start-up IRYStec Software. IRYStec has developed the world’s first software platform using perception and physiology to optimize the user experience of display systems. 

Faurecia acquires start-up IRYStec software to enhance user experience of cockpit display systems

This full software solution enables the personalization of the display according to the driver’s vision and the ambient light giving a safer and more comfortable user experience at a lower cost. This technology, which is adaptable to all types and sizes of display, gives up to 30% better perceived brightness and contrast as well as up to 30% energy efficiency savings and reduced thermal heating. The IRYStec technology will be launched later this year on a premium vehicle.

" Within our vision of a connected and immersive Cockpit of the Future, the breakthrough solution proposed by IRYStec brings a unique selling proposition to our display technologies. With its key technical expertise and talented team, IRYStec will enable us to propose highly customizable advanced display solutions.

Jean-Paul Michel
Executive Vice President, Faurecia Clarion Electronics

"Joining forces with Faurecia is a great milestone for IRYStec as it will allow the development of our core innovation solution for intelligent displays as part of a global leader in automotive technology. We are very impressed by Faurecia’s innovation road map and looking forward to build next generation of our products together aiming at unique cockpit user experience.

Tara Akhavan
Founder, IRYStec Software

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