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Hankook Tire drives digital transformation with Amazon Web Services

Tyre maker Hankook will further strengthen the innovative power of its products and technologies in collaboration with the cloud computing company Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS's IT infrastructure will predominantly be used to further expand Hankook's in-house technology for the virtual prediction of material properties.

Hankook Tire drives digital transformation with Amazon Web Services

In order to drive forward future oriented product development and technological progress in a targeted manner, premium tyre maker Hankook is entering into a strategic partnership with the cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), whose services are based on digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and databases. The collaboration builds on Hankook's development of a so-called "Virtual Compound Design" (VCD), which predicts the material properties of tyres and uses artificial intelligence to determine an optimal compound.

The AWS cloud platform will enable Hankook to not only store the data obtained from the VCD system, but to process and analyse it in a way that makes more efficient use of the data.

“As we continue to drive our technological strategy, collaborating with AWS will enable Hankook to further strengthen these efforts,” said Soo Il Lee, President of Hankook Tire & Technology. “The introduction of AWS to our processes emphasises Hankook Tire’s commitment to innovation, further bringing technology to the core of our business as one of the leading global automotive companies.”

AWS offers an attractive platform for the analysis of large amounts of data as well as innovative solutions for manufacturers who want to enter new business areas. Through the partnership with AWS, Hankook will be able to actively use digital high-tech solutions such as the machine learning application "Amazon SageMaker" to further optimise product development. Amazon SageMaker is based on artificial intelligence and offers Hankook the possibility to analyze, prepare and provide relevant data in a fully automated way and to summarise the necessary conclusions into a prediction or action.

As part of its future strategy, Hankook has made extensive investments in research and development and has committed itself to far-reaching strategic initiatives. The company is securing future-oriented innovative technology by utilising its global R&D network built around its high-tech facility, the HANKOOK TECHNODOME. This will enable Hankook to focus its strategic focus on qualitative tyre development and to increase its competitiveness in the long term.

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