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Fersa News

Fersa Group acquires majority stake in Delux Bearings

The Spanish multinational company strengthens its global strategy by consolidating its position in India and takes a further step towards market leadership in powertrain components and intelligent mobility solutions while diversifying its product range to reach an estimated turnover of more than 200 million euros in 2023.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz drives 6G with sub-THz channel propagation measurements

The development of sub-THz communications as envisioned for 6G will only be possible with a solid understanding of the properties of electromagnetic wave propagation. The new frequency range between 100 GHz and 330 GHz gains worldwide interest and thus has been the focus of recent Rohde & Schwarz measurement campaigns.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe - EMEA

Mitsubishi Electric: Knowledge is power

Lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells are at the core of global electrification strategies, helping to meet ambitious net zero emission targets. To address the fast-growing demand for these products, LIB cell manufacturers need to ramp up production, delivering products of high quality with limited environmental footprints and short lead times.

Volvo Cars News

Volvo EX90 to support Google’s new HD map

In our upcoming Volvo EX90, lidar, cameras and radars come together to understand your car’s surroundings and help keep you safe. To further improve our assisted driving technologies and eventually reach autonomous driving in the future, we also need a way to recognise your environment at detail, both immediately in front of you and at longer distances beyond the twists and turns ahead.

Nexcom News

The In-Vehicle AI-Aided Telematics Computer, VTC 7260-xC4 Leads the Way

To cope with the boom of e-commerce and direct delivery trends, machine learning is currently greatly integrated into ADAS, public works, intelligent traffic system, and countless warehouse applications. Provided with advanced computing power, extension capability, and high connectivity, NEXCOM’s in-vehicle AI-aided telematics computer, VTC 7260-xC4 is used as the core of vehicles to help deploy applications like smart public transit, smart agriculture/construction, and automated intralogistics.

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