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Cojali News

The modern sensors of Cojali Parts achieve the most efficient performance

In a world where efficiency and sustainability are a must, fuels play a key role in the operation of engines. They are the chemical power source that boosts the machinery of our vehicles, transforming it into mechanical energy through the combustion process.

Dürr Systems AG News

Valeo uses Dürr’s rotary atomizer for the first time

Valeo, a global technology company, is using Dürr's EcoBell technology for the first time at its production facility in Hungary, resulting in heightened efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced paint consumption.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe - EMEA

Factory-wide visualization streamlines utility management in the “new norm”

Mitsubishi Electric’s Nagoya Works, one of the company’s main factories developing and manufacturing industrial automation products and systems, introduced a smart visualisation solution to monitor utility data throughout the entire factory. The GENESIS64™ visualisation software, a solution for displaying data in process, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, was leveraged to systematically monitor real-time data remotely from equipment, such as operations and loads, helping to address issues raised by the “new norm”.

Samsung News


Samsung’s end-to-end semiconductor solutions for the rapidly evolving automotive market include advanced memory, powerful processors, safety-enhancing image sensors, and a wide portfolio of foundry technologies.

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