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Nvidia News


DRIVE Thor is an in-vehicle computing platform architected for generative AI applications, which are becoming paramount within the automotive industry.

Dürr Systems AG News

Dürr develops a new paint supply system for industrial applications

The new EcoSupply P Core is a modular paint supply system based on pigging technology. This paint supply method has already proved beneficial in the automotive painting world, but Dürr has gone one step further and enhanced it for use in other industries for the first time.

Infineon News

Ekkono’s Edge Machine Learning simplifies deployment of AI for automotive applications on Infineon’s AURIX™ TC3x and TC4x

Automotive component suppliers and OEMs alike are faced with the challenge that every car is unique. It is unique in how, where and by whom it is driven, its design, the purpose of the ride, as well as the road and traffic conditions where it operates.

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