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Volta Trucks News

Volta Trucks announces first implementation of its new full-electric Volta Zero with Truck as a Service charging infrastructure to Heppner

Volta Trucks has announced the first implementation of its new full-electric Volta Zero with Truck as a Service charging infrastructure to Heppner, creator of transport and logistics solutions and an independent leader in international transport from and to France.

Vector News

Integration of Massive Virtual Test Drives Into DevOps Workflows With DYNA4 Release

Vector introduces Release 7 of DYNA4. The new release fosters the adaption of DevOps workflows in modern vehicle control software development. With its capabilities to generate lightweight simulation packages for Linux environments, massive simulations of virtual test drives can be integrated easily into continuous testing (CT) pipelines.

Actia News


ACTIA did not wait for the sharp rise in fuel prices to offer public transport operators a solution enabling them to both control their fuel bill and to optimise the operating rate of their fleet.

Mahle News

MAHLE successful with e-compressors

MAHLE is successfully establishing itself as a supplier for e-mobility. One bestseller in this area is the electric A/C compressor, for which the technology group from Stuttgart has already secured numerous series orders in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. The total order volume is approximately 1.4 billion euros.


KEBA: Complete solution for efficient charging with solar power

A PV system on your roof lowers your energy costs and is an important building block on the path to energy self-sufficiency. Individual mobility also becomes significantly cheaper when the power for your electric car comes from your very own solar power plant. This is why we developed the KeContact P30 PV EDITION.

Nexcom News

VTC 1031 and nROK 1031 Compact PCs Pave Way for Vehicle and Railway Applications

In modern society, providing high-speed public wireless communication is significant in fulfilling commuters’ busy lifestyles. NEXCOM responds by introducing the VTC 1031 and nROK 1031, their compact mid-range vehicle and railway PCs respectively.

Vibracoustic News

Vibracoustic introduces modular, lightweight mounting solutions for electric motors

Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) expert, presents innovative solutions for electric motors of battery electric vehicles (BEV). The compact polymer beam structure and the integrated thermoplastic elastomer bushings allow full integration, weight reduction and simplification of assembly while also meeting requirements for stiffness and isolation performance.

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