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Hitachi Astemo's inverter adopted by Geely for the "Leishen Hi-X" hybrid powertrain platform

Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Brice Koch) announced the adoption of its inverter by Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (CEO: Li Shufu) for the hybrid powertrain platform "Leishen Hi-X."

Hitachi Astemo's inverter adopted by Geely for the Leishen Hi-X hybrid powertrain platform
Our inverter adopted for Leishen Hi-X

Geely is a major automaker under China's Zhejiang Geely Group Holdings, and is actively promoting electrification in China, where the market for electric vehicles is expanding. As announced by Geely in November, "Leishen Power" is their global powertrain brand, and "Leishen Hi-X" is their main hybrid powertrain platform, which adopted our inverter.

Hitachi Astemo's inverter in the "Leishen Hi-X" is equipped with Hitachi's unique, direct water-cooled, double-sided cooling power module, which achieves a compact size and high output. Twenty models of "Leishen Hi-X" are planned over the next three years. Geely highly evaluated Hitachi Astemo's hybrid powertrain track record across wide variety of vehicle models, which led to the inverter's adoption.

Hitachi Astemo is committed to creating social, environmental, and economic value by providing advanced mobility solutions that contribute to improving safety and comfort, and environmental conservation to create a more sustainable society. By doing so, we contribute to improving Quality of Life and create value for our OEM customers.

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