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Walker Die Casting is Positioned to Deliver Unique Customer Solutions

A 2019 acquisition by longtime customer, Allison Transmission, sixty plus years of know-how and substantial infrastructure improvements have already resulted in considerable benefits for customers.

Walker Die Casting is Positioned to Deliver Unique Customer Solutions

Since being acquired by Allison Transmission in the fall of 2019, Walker Die Casting has embarked upon a multifaceted improvement program to build upon an already rich history and continue providing innovative aluminum die casting solutions well into the future.

Allison has made a substantial investment in Walker Die Casting, which has been used for infrastructure improvements, added capabilities and expanded available solutions for customers through approximately 800,000 ft2 of manufacturing space. Such capability improvements include seven new machining centers with full turnkey automation, a 1,600-ton die cast machine, as well an 1,800-ton die cast machine. In addition, ISO 14001 certification was achieved in February of 2020.

Walker Die Casting now has 38 horizontal high-pressure die cast machines ranging from 1,000 – 4,500-tons of clamping force, which enabled the shipment of more than 40 million pounds of aluminum castings in 2020. These castings were manufactured from 100 percent recycled aluminum. In addition to Allison Transmission, top customers include leading OEMs within the commercial vehicle, construction equipment, consumer vehicle, marine, motorcycle and defense markets.

Walker Die Casting has earned a reputation for innovative solutions and for delivering premium castings for the most complex and difficult casting designs. Walker works directly with customers to convert components manufactured through sand casting and other casting processes into aluminum high-pressure die castings, which result in reduced vehicle weight, tighter tolerances, more usable features and less machining.

The use of high-pressure aluminum die casting often results in lower price per piece for the customer over sand and other casting processes. Casting simulation technology coupled with extensive experience yields a high integrity casting that can withstand repeated operational cycles with various attachments anchored to the case, resulting in better quality, longer life and reduced cost.

“I’m proud of each and every one of our employees for embracing the opportunities afforded to Walker as a result of the acquisition and investment by Allison Transmission. Their hard work and dedication have positioned Walker as a preferred casting partner, providing exceptional customer value through the use of innovation, experience, integrity and the relentless pursuit of operational excellence” said Michael Dick, Allison Transmission Senior Vice President of Operations and Purchasing.

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