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Hengst supplies innovative oil filter module for transversely mounted Mercedes diesel engine

Hybrid design cuts down weight and boosts efficiency

Hengst supplies innovative oil filter module for transversely mounted Mercedes diesel engine

The four-cylinder OM 654 unveiled by Mercedes-Benz is the first of a new family of engines that break new ground thanks to their eco-friendly after-treatment of exhaust gases in compliance with Euro standard 6d. The OM 654 will make its debut in A and B-class models as a transversely mounted propulsion system. Also aboard: the new oil filter module engineered by Hengst, which helps save weight and delivers a boost in efficiency thanks to its hybrid design.

Optimized weight and flow

Drivers opting for a compact car equipped with this diesel engine can choose between a 110 and a 140 kW model. Both engines meet the latest exhaust gas standards. Boasting a cubic capacity of two liters, the engine is touted by the manufacturer as fuel efficient, powerful and compact. The oil filter module designed by filtration specialist Hengst marries oil filtration and oil cooling in the tightest of installation spaces.

Major contribution to CO2 reduction

By tweaking the design until it allowed for a vastly improved flow, Hengst managed to deliver a product that offers permanent savings in fuel and, thus, greatly reduced CO2 emissions. The design improvements conceived by the engineers at Hengst include the placement of the insert for the initial oil filling in the base of the module, which leads to lower differential pressures. The engineers also focused their attention on designing a seal that offers maximum sturdiness. To this end, the engineers furnished the built-in filter insert with a support mandrel capable of standing up to even the highest pressure levels.

Conserving resources with Energetic
The patented, eco-friendly filter insert Energetic 7 is instrumental in the module's sustainability and conservation of resources. All it takes to service the module is to replace the filter insert. A lock on the seal eliminates the possibility of installing the wrong filter insert. The oil drain valve is integrated directly into the module.

After launching it successfully as a series production model in the A and B-Class vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, the new filter insert will become available on the open spare parts market later this year. Operating as a system and development partner to OEMs, Hengst adopts the solutions they engineer as original equipment into their after-market product range with the same quality and the identical design and construction.

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