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TDK News

TDK: The Integral Role of Power Inductors in the Electrification of Cars—Including ADAS and EVs

The automobile has been undergoing a substantial transformation in recent years. With the advent of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the shift toward electric vehicles, and the growing sophistication of infotainment, cars have evolved to the point where they can be considered advanced electronic devices.

Keysight technologies News

Keysight Radar Scene Emulator for Advancing ADAS / AV-Test

The Keysight Radar Scene Emulator (RSE) is a revolutionary solution for the autonomous vehicle test industry. It enables you to lab test complex, real-world driving scenes by emulating up to 512 radar objects and distances as close as 1.5 meters.

Volvo Cars News

The new Volvo EX90 gives you every information you need, when you need it

If you’ve ever asked a phone or computer “What do you want me to do?” with a tinge of despair in your voice, you know how confusing it can be when communication with a piece of technology breaks down. Imagine what could happen if such a breakdown happens in a car as you transition between manual, assisted and autonomous driving modes. It’s safe to say that these are situations where uncertainty should be avoided, no matter what.

Valeo News

Valeo Head Up Display

Valeo offers a full range of automotive Head-Up Display (HUD) systems which show information in the driver's field of vision, several meters ahead, to provide safety by limiting the driver’s distraction but also comfort.

ZF News

The chassis will remain the basis of any vehicle, laying the foundation for driving dynamics, comfort and safety

ZF’s in-depth knowledge of all aspects of vehicle motion control systems is not only unmatched in today’s market, we’re also in the pole position to shape the next level of chassis technology. This is critical as electrification, autonomous driving and the software defined vehicle bring both additional requirements for the chassis and even more possibilities for the future.

Volvo Cars News

New Volvo EX90 with bi-directional charging

Many of us try to care for the environment by recycling the materials we can, cooking in a way that leads to less food waste or driving an electric car. When it comes to making your energy usage more sustainable, however, it can be hard to know how to increase the share of renewable sources in the electricity that you use.

Faurecia News

From cars to trucks: the consumer insight that guides our seating solutions

Understanding what’s important to people behind the steering wheel is important for the onboard experience, especially when you’re driving a 40-tonne truck for 8 hours a day. At Faurecia, we’re now applying our seating expertise from passenger cars to trucks. As for all our innovations, this is user-driven, including asking truck drivers about their onboard habits, priorities and desires.

Volvo Cars News

World-first interior radar system from Volvo Cars helps you ensure that no one is left behind

Imagine the soft, barely discernible breathing movements of a sleeping child. A new interior radar feature developed by our engineers is designed to be accurate and sensitive enough to detect the tiniest movements at sub-millimetre scale – such as those of a sleeping toddler. It’s the first such feature to cover the entire interior of the car, including the trunk.

SMC News

Tyre industry solutions by SMC

Whether it’s designing a new automatic pre-mixer dosing system for raw materials, implementing predictive maintenance in tyre building, increasing energy efficiency in curing or customizing a green tyre handling system, SMC products, services and expertise can add tangible value to your project.

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