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MyACTIAFLEET New-E offers a global and innovative perspective on the management of public transport fleets in line with New Energies.


Discover how MyACTIAFLEET New-E effectively responds to the specificities of new energy vehicles, offering managers a comprehensive vision to successfully manage the energy transition of their fleets. Explore advanced features, from precise consumption management to intelligent driver assistance, and understand how this pioneering solution anticipates the needs of major operators such as RATP, TRANSDEV, KEOLIS, TISSÉO, RTM.

MyACTIAFLEET New-E handles the specific nature of new energy vehicles in the following features.

Monitoring of consumption and emissions regardless of the energy used
In order to manage consumption monitoring in mixed fleets of vehicles, MyACTIAFLEET now displays all the consumption results according to the energy used (Diesel, NGV, Electric and soon hydrogen). In addition, on NGV vehicles—for which vehicle consumption data are not readily available—ACTIA has developed an innovative algorithm that reconstructs NGV consumption to provide operators with a level of information comparable to other engine types.

Individual assessment of driving performance
Driving an electric vehicle is different from driving a vehicle with a combustion engine. For example, when driving an electric vehicle, the regenerative braking percentage is an important criterion, since it contributes to improving the vehicle’s range. This criterion was added to the individual driver assessment and the mandatory driver training module of MyACTIAFLEET.

Maintenance management
The maintenance and remote diagnosis module includes all the technical elements necessary for real-time monitoring of the state of health of a fleet of vehicles (dashboard lights, fault codes or monitoring for different vehicle parameters). This module now integrates indicators specific to New Energy vehicles such as SoC (State of Charge) or SoH (State of Health) when provided by the vehicle.

A new Telemetry module has been developed to meet the needs for accurate monitoring of new parameters, such as the variation in the vehicle’s charge level or the temperature of the batteries. The many possibilities for sampling the types of data collected means that operators benefit from a tool that enables extremely close monitoring of the new operating parameters of a new generation of vehicles that operators do not yet know inside out. For example, analysing these data can help to optimise the life of a vehicle’s batteries by observing the detailed charge and discharge cycles, and thus keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Driver assistance
The Intelligent Speed Assistant, initially intended for road risk prevention, allows, depending on the precise location of the vehicle, to warn the driver of the section’s speed limit on its DriverAid display or to automatically limit the vehicle’s speed.

In LEZ (Low Emission Zones), this function comes into its own, since it also automatically switches a hybrid vehicle to its electric mode.

ACTIA offers the New-E version to its operator customers. This means that customers who are already users of the MyACTIAFLEET solution will benefit from the upgrade in their subscription during the next software updates. On the strength of this success, ACTIA expects to win over other public transport networks in Europe.

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