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FEV News


A sustainable mobility strategy should rely on three pillars of drive solutions in order to achieve the CO2 targets of the Paris climate protection agreement for 2050: battery electric drives, hydrogen in fuel cells and internal combustion engines, and e-fuels, especially for existing fleets in the coming decades.

Sandvik News

The battery boom

As production of electric cars increases so does the need for lithium-ion batteries, raw materials and reliable and efficient heating technology. Sandvik is ready to meet the demand.

AMS News

ams 3D technology to address driver drowsiness and distraction: new demo system combines 3D sensing with eye tracking

ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today enables automotive manufacturers to create proof of concept demonstrations through a new automotive driver monitoring system (DMS) demonstrator which implements 3D and eye tracking for use in advanced safety functions such as drowsiness detection and distraction alerts.

Faurecia News

IRYStec displays solution is reaching the stars

Faurecia IRYStec, the Canadian startup bought by Faurecia last April, revealed its world’s first software platform using perception and physiology to optimize the user experience of display systems inside the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

ZF News

ZF Aftermarket trains fire fighters in handling electrified vehicles

When the fire fighters are called out to deal with an accident, things have to happen quickly - especially when an electric vehicle is involved. Hesitant, unsafe rescue teams or incorrectly used means can put the people involved in the accident and also the rescuers themselves in danger. Therefore, fire fighters should now get fit in handling electrified vehicles - for example with training at ZF Aftermarket.

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