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C&K Launches 24-Position Optical Encoder Switch with Integrated Pushbutton

Designed for automotive, medical and industrial applications, the ENC Series offers a smooth haptic feel for fast and precise rotation…

C&K Launches 24-Position Optical Encoder Switch with Integrated Pushbutton

C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, has launched a new optical rotary encoder, the ENC Series 24-Position Optical Encoder with integrated pushbutton. The new ENC Series encoder was developed as an improvement to our very successful 16 Position Optical Encoder. In addition to adding 50% more detent positions, the 24-position encoder also includes an oft-requested right angle connector socket to make installation even easier for our customers.

The fluid, precise rotation of the central encoder shaft makes applications like mode selection or menu navigation a breeze with rapid and accurate responsiveness to user input. The integrated pushbutton, activated by pressing the encoder shaft downward, makes the encoder a means of interface control that’s as easy as the click of a button, all in one simple design.

The new 24-position center select switch has a smooth haptic feel that allows for fast rotation. The encoder’s 2-bit Gray code output makes it easy to monitor direction and magnitude of rotation through whatever microcontroller our customers prefer.

The ENC Series 24-Position Encoder is ideal for applications like automotive entertainment clusters, navigation, and volume control knobs. It’s also ideal for applications in medical devices like menu navigation, power cycling and intensity tuning. In an industrial setting, it works well for mode selection in control panels and other similar functions.

"The ENC Series 24-Position Encoder is all about building upon the success of our ENC series, providing more functionality and features for our customers while increasing the ease of installation. The complete focus on customer desires and needs reflects C&K’s ongoing commitment to deliver solutions that our customers want, with the high quality that they’ve come to expect from C&K," said Tanios BouRamia, Global Product Manager at C&K.

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