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Full-Vehicle 5G MIMO OTA Test System Adopted by CICV

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that China Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (Beijing) Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CICV) has adopted an over-the-air (OTA) test system in a MIMO environment developed jointly by General Test Systems Inc. (GTS) of Guangdong, China, and Anritsu.

Full-Vehicle 5G MIMO OTA Test System Adopted by CICV

With advances in autonomous driving level, development of 5G and V2X as core technologies is accelerating worldwide. The Chinese-government has set policy targets to develop mass-produced smart vehicles by 2025, and vehicles with built-in 5G are now being sold commercially. The number of 5G base-station installations to support this plan reached 1 million in 2021. In addition, Pre-sales vehicle certification tests are increasingly using evaluation of 5G communications technologies, resulting in accelerating deployment of MIMO multi-path test systems.

CICV is a leading Chinese research Institute in advanced Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) technology and is promoting development of test standards for implementing high-reliability Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) and self-driving vehicles.

Test System Details
This system was developed by combining the OTA test system from GTS, a world-leading specialist company in mobile-device, antenna, and OTA testing, with Anritsu's Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A and Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C. The high-dynamic-range RF performance of the MT8000A and MT8821C enables successful 3GPP-specified Radiated Two-Stage (RTS) testing in a Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) environment, which is essential to evaluating radiated emissions performance, receiver sensitivity, receiver EMI, multi-antenna performance, and communications quality in actual usage environments.

Anritsu's General Manager of IoT Test Solutions, Mr. Yukiharu Ogawa, said, "This leading technology is the result of our long-term partnership with GTS to improve the safety and reliability of the connected vehicle. It is obvious that 5G technology is pushing the autonomous driving level to the next Level-4 and Level-5 stages. The advanced test performance of the GTS OTA system and Anritsu's integrated MT8000A and MT8821C will be of future-proof value to automotive industry progress."

Dr. Yihong Qi, the Chairman of GTS, emphasized that 5G and V2X technologies will be widely used in the future intelligent-connected-vehicle. GTS is looking forward to collaborating with Anritsu as both companies will make full use of the current technical and marketing advantage. Together we can provide the advanced OTA testing solution for full vehicle wireless communication systems. Anritsu and GTS will strongly support the technology development of global intelligent automotive industry.

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