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Mouser Electronics Signs Global Distribution Deal with IoT Modules Provider SpotSee

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader empowering innovation, today announces a global distribution agreement with SpotSee®, a global Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity platform provider.

Mouser Electronics Signs Global Distribution Deal with IoT Modules Provider SpotSee

According to the agreement, Mouser will offer a comprehensive range of SpotSee's impact indicators, impact recorder units, and software, designed to enable users to detect damage in their operations in real time.

SpotSee's ShockWatch® RFID impact indicators provide high-precision detection of items potentially damaged by impacts in supply chain applications. ShockWatch RFID indicators assess the impact threshold of an individual item and issue a relevant damage alert when the tag is read by an RFID reader. The devices are suitable for use in automotive, defense, medical, and other supply chain applications.

The ShockLog® impact and environmental recorders allow users to monitor and record environmental conditions and impacts for any structure or piece of equipment, regardless of whether they are in transit or in use. The highly effective recorders increase accountability for the handling of equipment, deterring mishandling and reducing the likelihood of impact or environmental stresses. The ShockLog recorders are suitable for a wide range of applications, including transport and logistics, aerospace, HVAC, and electronic and industrial equipment.

The OpsWatch impact and vibration recorders deliver real-time vibration and shock information for industrial applications. The devices detect abnormalities in vibration patterns, helping to enable predictive maintenance and prevent equipment failure. The OpsWatch recorders support a wide operating temperature range, making them a suitable choice for use in harsh environments.

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