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Pure air for road safety Cabin air filters from Hengst ensure a good climate

Hengst offers its customers high-quality cabin air filters in OEM quality. They filter out hazardous particles with a size of more than 3 µm (0.003 mm), as well as allergenic pollen and bad odors, from the air. That is an important contribution to the driver’s well-being and to road safety. Regular replacement of the cabin air filters ensures their long-term effectiveness.

Effective filtering for better air in the cabin
Like a vacuum cleaner the ventilation system of a motor vehicle draws in about 540,000 liters of air per hour, together with all the exhaust fumes, pollutants, allergens and odors from the immediate environment. According to studies, the exposure for passengers is five times higher than at the side of the road. This can impair the driver’s concentration and, especially in the case of persons with allergies, who make up about 20 % of all drivers, the effects are enormous: During the pollen season the risk of accidents increases by up to 30 %. On the other hand, clean, well-conditioned air can significantly improve concentration and performance over an extended period. Due to their high filtration efficiency, cabin air filters from Hengst effectively improve the air in the cabin and therefore contribute to road safety.

Pure air for road safety
Cabin air filters from Hengst ensure a good climate
Hengst_Filter_Blue.care_Innenraumfilter_Cabin Air Filter.jpg: The cabin air filter consists of five layers that supplement each other optimally to achieve optimal results.

OEM quality – with every replacement
The importance of air in the cabin for road safety has also long been recognized by automobile manufacturers, which is why they equip their vehicles with cabin air filters at the factory. Many of them rely on the high-quality and innovative cabin air filters from Hengst, which are also available as original equipment on the independent aftermarket (IAM). Hengst cabin air filters are likewise available on the service parts market for nearly all other vehicles, such as trucks and buses.

The products of the filtration and fluid management specialist include particle filters that absorb pollen, dust and particulate matter, as well as activated carbon filters that additionally filter out undesirable odors. Both filters are proven to achieve filtration efficiency of nearly 100 %. The most modern and most effective development stage is the new cabin air filter from Hengst. – five layers for optimal results
The cabin air filter consists of five layers that supplement each other optimally to achieve optimal results. Compared to standard activated carbon filters, additionally neutralizes allergens and bacteria. The first layer consists of an electrostatic medium with a pre-filtration function to trap coarse particles. The second layer, a non-woven filter, increases dust retention, and the third, an activated carbon layer, separates vapors, odors and toxic gases such as ozone, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. Number four, the meltblown medium, traps fine dust and micro-particles with a diameter smaller than 2.5 µm. The fifth, a bio-functional layer, has an anti-microbial effect.

Pure air for road safety
Cabin air filters from Hengst ensure a good climate
Hengst_Filter_Innenraumfilter_Cabin Air Filter.jpg Hengst cabin filters ensure a healthy and hygienic atmosphere in the vehicle and thus enhance drivers’ ability to concentrate.

Fast replacement – for long-term effective filtration

Regular replacement of the filters is important for their long-term effectiveness. While manufacturers usually specify intervals of 12,000 to 15,000 km or once per year, experts recommend – especially in the case of frequent drivers and people with allergies – to change the filters twice a year: in the spring to remove impurities that accumulate over winter, and in the fall to remove pollen and dead leaves. The customer can then always be assured of having the best and most effective protection, and the service parts market can provide responsible advice to customers while generating additional sales. To enable automotive specialists to quickly and easily replace filters in all makes of vehicles, Hengst includes easy-to-follow installation instructions with every filter. They are available online at

Practical tips
For various reasons the cabin air filter should be replaced at least once a year, in the case of frequent drivers and persons with allergies preferably twice a year. This will ensure the effective filtration of foul odors, fine dust, pollen and other undesired particles from the air. It also reduces the strain on the motor of the fresh air blower, since the air flow is not hindered. Not only that, but impure or unfiltered air can also cause an annoying grimy film on the inside of the windshield, which restricts the driver’s vision, especially in dark conditions. 

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