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Faurecia rapidly gaining ground in display technologies

Faurecia Clarion Electronics’ recent awards and SOPs for displays technologies confirm its position in fast-growing automotive markets, and resilience in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Faurecia rapidly gaining ground in display technologies

A strategic enabler of the Cockpit of the Future
Faurecia Clarion Electronics (FCE) was founded in 2019 and regroups the complementary strengths of Clarion, Parrot Automotive, Coagent and Creo Dynamics, as well as more recent acquisitions including Covatech and Irystec. FCE strengthens the Cockpit of the Future with its expertise in electronic systems integration, allowing Faurecia to provide these technologies as techno-bricks or as complete solutions to carmakers, and master the whole cockpit experience.

From e-mirrors to displays that span the length of the dashboard, these solutions are fueling Faurecia Clarion Electronics’ growth in strategic automotive markets. Electronic displays are both growing in size and increasing in number, incorporating curves, complex shapes and automatic display adjustments technologies as carmakers seek to offer increasingly personalized experiences for all vehicle occupants.

Recent awards and SOPs for displays technologies confirm FCE’s growth across continents and the diversification of its customer portfolio. Edouard da Silva, Display Global Product Line Director at FCE, said “Our global industrial and R&D footprint, which has always been an asset, has proven to be essential at a time when global supply chains have been deeply impacted by the pandemic.”

Rapid growth in China
Of the 20 business awards FCE secured for Chinese OEMs in the past two years, 9 were in the first six months of 2020. Production for display systems are on course for the second half of 2020. These include 1.4-metre curved screens that stretch across the dashboard and behind the steering wheel, the largest available display in the automotive market, for famous luxury sedans; L-shaped displays for an important electric automaker; and dual displays equipping an SUV for a very popular Chinese OEM. In total, FCE will equip 300,000 vehicles a year in China with its display technologies.

“Our 2-year investment to develop full cockpit display systems is paying off, and these awards show the strength of our design and integration capabilities, particularly for complex configurations. The flexibility of FCE’s product offer and business model allow us to fulfil a wide range of OEMs’ requirements and adapt to regional specifications.”
Edouard da Silva
Display Global Product Line Director at Faurecia Clarion Electronics

Breaking through in North America
In North America, FCE is set to supply 1 million displays over a six-year period to a legacy US automaker starting in 2022, and will supply an all-electric new entrant with displays for delivery vans and pickup trucks in 2021. Both are FCE’s first awards from these carmakers, and a breakthrough in the US automotive market resulting from collaboration between teams across Faurecia’s Business Groups.

“These awards, both for iconic vehicles and new entrants, demonstrate our technological and integration expertise and the value of our innovation ecosystem. This is paving the way for FCE’s entry into the North American automotive market.”
Chris McCalvin
Vice President, Business Development for Cockpit Technologies at Faurecia

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