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ABB News

ABB Formula E flies high in Mexico City

ABB Formula E returns for the fourth round in the championship’s sixth season.

FPT Info


Just launched and already a champion: the F28 engine from FPT Industrial, unveiled last November, has received its first accolade, “Diesel of the Year®”. This prestigious award is given on an annual basis by Diesel magazine and recognizes the best innovation in the development and manufacturing of diesel engines in all industrial and automotive applications.

Fraunhofer News

Teaching tomorrow’s automobiles to hear

Modern cars already feature a range of sophisticated systems such as remote-controlled parking, automatic lane-departure warning and drowsiness recognition. In the future, self-driving cars will also have auditory capabilities. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Oldenburg, Germany, have now developed a prototype system capable of recognizing external noises such as sirens.

TDK News

Automotive LED Lighting from TDK

As the electrification of automobiles advances, power consumption control is becoming an increasingly important factor. LED Lighting Technology design reduces power consumption, increases lifecycle, offers design freedom and overall control. It is now used in Automotive functions including headlights and interior lighting.

ZF News

Automated clutch systems from ZF Aftermarket

Despite not being adopted as a mainstream solution across the automotive industry, certain car brands installed automated manual transmission (ASG or AMT) systems in significant numbers. The most prominent example is Smart. Here, clutch specialist ZF Aftermarket – which has spare parts under its Sachs brand for many vehicles with ASG in its program – provides tips for successful clutch replacement.

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