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FORVIA HELLA sets the scene for rear lighting on city and intercity buses

FORVIA HELLA supplies customized full-LED rear lighting with light curtain technology for one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers.

FORVIA HELLA sets the scene for rear lighting on city and intercity buses

The international automotive supplier FORVIA HELLA has developed customized full-LED rear combination lamps with patented light curtain technology for Daimler Truck AG. Together with the customer, this lighting technology was launched onto the market for the first time in the bus segment.

Safety and styling play a major role in passenger transport nowadays. The rear lamps are of great importance in this respect, as they make the vehicle recognizable to traffic approaching from behind in all weather conditions. In addition, the rear lamps are also central eye-catchers on the road. "A customized light signature in the rear lamps is becoming increasingly important in order to bring the brand identity to the road and stand out from the competition," says Stefan van Dalen, Managing Director Lifecycle Solutions at FORVIA HELLA. This is why the premium commercial vehicle manufacturer also relies on the LED light curtain technology patented by FORVIA HELLA. It combines two advantages in one product: individual design according to customer requirements and a large surface area that is clearly visible at all times, even in difficult visibility conditions. At over 900 square centimeters, the lighting process implemented is also the largest that the Lifecycle Solutions division has ever realized.

FORVIA HELLA sets the scene for rear lighting on city and intercity buses

Modular design of the light curtain enables customized light signatures

Not only the size of the rear combination lamp catches the eye, but also the design of the light curtain. "This runs around the corner of the rear of the vehicle. It was a challenge both during development and later in production to recreate the curvature precisely while at the same time illuminating the surface homogeneously," explains van Dalen. The technology was perfected in a close and trustful co-operation with the customer.

Graphic structures such as stripes or concentric rings for various brands were also printed according to customer styling requirements. "This demonstrates the clear strength of the modular concept of our technology. It enables manufacturers to create new designs with little effort and without having to produce new moulds, thus creating a distinctive appearance on the road," says van Dalen.

Another highlight of the rear lamp: a clear lens makes it possible to see the 30 high-performance LEDs, which are installed inside for the tail light. Despite its intense light intensity, this light function only requires 3.5 watts of power.

In addition to the tail light, the rear combination lamp also includes other light functions such as brake light, direction indicator, reversing light and rear fog light. The brake light and indicator are also homogeneously and evenly illuminated. Depending on the vehicle model, the light functions comply with the European ECE standard or the American DOT/SAE (FMVSS) standard.

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