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Cojali joins the technological revolution of public road transport on the 15th edition of Mobility Move'24 in Berlin

Cojali is committed to sustainable innovation in the field of vehicle electrification with its solution Jaltest Telematics.

Cojali joins the technological revolution of public road transport on the 15th edition of Mobility Move'24 in Berlin

Cojali, Spanish multinational manufacturer of technological solutions for the transport industry, is pleased to announce its participation in the trade fair Mobility Move'24, the largest conference and trade fair for public road transport in Germany, specialised on VDV electric bus, that will take place from 5th to 7th March at Estrel Berlin, in the German capital. Cojali will attend this key event along with its strategical partner, Knorr-Bremse, to show the latest innovations in the field of connectivity and diagnostics for fleets of commercial vehicles in the sector of public road transport.

Mobility Move'24 will gather fleets, leaders and professional of the sector in order to make known the latest tendencies and advances in sustainable mobility, connectivity and technology. Cojali will take advantage of this event to present cutting-edge solutions that promote technological transformation in public road transport, mainly in the field of electric mobility and digitalisation.

Efficient management of electric fleets
Jaltest Telematics, the advanced solution of Cojali designed to offer comprehensive connectivity to transport fleets, has stepped up in the field of electric vehicles by including specific KPIs such as the battery state-of-health, vehicle autonomy, charge cycles, duty cycles, temperature and voltage, among others. Therefore, it provides the necessary tools for the efficient and sustainable management of fleets.

Maximisation of the operational fleet availability
Jaltest Telematics prevents problems in vehicles by means of a system of predictive maintenance, which collects and analyses real-time data, therefore enabling an efficient planning that reduces costs and downtime. At the same time, its capacity to diagnose vehicles remotely provides fleets with an accurate overview of the condition and health state of its vehicles, which allows the early detection of mechanical or electrical problems, and even to perform advanced diagnostics actions remotely.

Artificial Intelligence applied to fleet management
Jaltest Telematics is also remarkable for its capacity to collect and analyse data by applying techniques based on Artificial Intelligence in order to offer comprehensive predictive maintenance. In this way, it is possible to reduce to the maximum the time that the vehicle spends at the workshops and the unexpected events on the road, optimising the operational fleet availability.

This landmark has made it possible to introduce a new approach to efficient driving in its platform to take advantage of all the information delivered by the vehicle and related to the driver performance, therefore characterising the routes and obtaining a periodic assessment of the drivers.

Jaltest Telematics Air Quality Station
Jaltest Telematics incorporates to its catalogue of solutions the new air quality stations, both for indoors and outdoors, that allow the user to know in real time the air quality state and the urban pollution, turning the bus fleet into mobile environmental stations. Similarly, indoor stations enable the user to know in detail the environmental context inside the vehicle.

The joint presence of Cojali and Knorr-Bremse at Mobility Move'24 promises to be a milestone in the presentation of cutting-edge technology solutions for the sector of public road transport. Both companies hope to work closely with professionals of the industry and share knowledge about the evolution in the sector towards more connected and sustainable practices.

To obtain more information about the solutions of Cojali and Knorr-Bremse, visit the joint stand no. 48 at Mobility Move'24.

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