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Vector Presents Version 22 of the CANape Measurement and Calibration Software

With the current version 22, the CANape measurement and calibration software from Vector now supports protocols of new vehicle architectures with High Performance Computing Platforms (HPC) and zone ECUs.

Vector Presents Version 22 of the CANape Measurement and Calibration Software
Many new features in version 22 of CANape make development work in the vehicle easier.

All data is also recorded in the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) thanks to the support of the new protocols. Especially for ADAS/AD projects, new logging extensions offer data acquisition at up to 6 GByte/s.

With version 22, CANape supports new vehicle-relevant protocols such as DDS, DLT and SOME/IP, which are used to access internal data from HPCs and zone ECUs. In addition, data is captured via the ASAM standard Capture Module Protocol (CMP).

With the new Logging Extensions, Vector offers a scalable solution. These are based on automotive PCs from the VP6000/VP7000 family and record data at up to 6 GByte/s. Regardless of the size of the overall system, a CANape license is all that is required.

Large amounts of data need to be stored, especially in ADAS/AD projects. A measurement consists of a large number of measurement files that are written by recorders one after the other and by several recorders in parallel. With the new measurement data concept, the user views the large number of measurement files as an overall measurement. Measurements are thus displayed clearly and processed efficiently at the same time.

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