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Intelligent accessories ensure that even minor breakdowns, such as a flat battery or loss of pressure in a tire, can be easily rectified by the driver.

The TRUCKSTAR® LED | H7 – 24 is ams OSRAM’s first road-approved 24V LED H7 lamp for low and high beam.

Commercial vehicles are not only larger and heavier than cars, they also face tougher demands in terms of difficult traffic situations and longer hours of nighttime driving. And that also obviously applies to their lighting. ams OSRAM is therefore launching the TRUCKSTAR® LED H7, a retrofit solution for low- and high-beam headlights which has been specially developed for trucks and commercial vehicles. State-of-the-art LED technology provides increased visibility and greater safety. Vehicles that have the complete package including powerful LED additional headlights and smart on-board tools will be ideally equipped for the demands of the road.

Robust, bright and reliable – TRUCKSTAR® LED | H7 – 24V
ams OSRAM’s first road-approved 24V LED H7 lamp for low and high beam will enable trucks and commercial vehicles to pierce the darkness. With its impressive day-like color temperature of 6,000 K, this cold white retrofit LED lamp is up to 230 percent brighter while producing 50 percent less glare. The lamp has a vibration-resistant design and will also last up to five times longer thanks to the LED technology. With its leading-edge LED technology, ams OSRAM is setting new standards in high- and low-beam headlights for trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and haulage vehicles.

More light: additional headlights for commercial vehicles
Additional headlights provide light suitable for a variety of situations, either on-road or off-road, on rural lanes at night or on forest paths. The headlights in the Functional series, for example, offer the reliability needed in such cases. An LED headlight such as the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar FX1000-CB SM GEN 2 has a range of up to 635 meters, creating ideal illumination over a wide area. The additional headlights are designed to deliver long-range focused illumination as well as broad illumination close to the vehicle. These ECE-certified additional LED headlights do not need to be registered or entered in the vehicle documentation. They may be installed in compliance with the relevant installation and operated on public roads.

The OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB DR SM headlight delivers up to 10,100 lumens with uniform distribution. 84 high-performance LEDs create a beam of light with a range of up to 385 meters. This product combines focused high-beam distribution with excellent near-field illumination. High-quality materials such as the aluminium housing and the sturdy polycarbonate cover make the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB DR SM particularly lightweight yet robust and durable. It is therefore ideal for mounting on cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, caravans, off-road vehicles and quad bikes.

Battery charger always on hand
Even the best vehicle lamps are of no use if there is no juice left in the battery. To avoid this problem on the road, ams OSRAM has developed the OSRAM BATTERYcharger 908, a smart 8A charger and battery maintenance unit for 12V to 24V vehicles such as most cars, vans and small trucks. It is the easy way to start a 7-stage charging cycle for lithium batteries and a 9-stage charging cycle for lead-acid/AGM batteries to bring them back to full power. The built-in digital display shows the current charge level, even in low light conditions. As well as the battery charger, it is useful to have a booster cable in the vehicle. The STARTcable 1200A provides a quick and easy way to be back on the road again if the battery is flat.

Well-equipped: products for every situation
A good flashlight is essential for working in low light conditions. The LEDinspect WEARABLE NECKLIGHT leaves both hands free. This rechargeable neck light has two individually detachable flashlights and is perfect for working in and on the vehicle. Either of the flashlights can be used to illuminate areas that are difficult to access. It has two light settings of 265 lm (high) and 130 lm (low) and can be adjusted through 90 degrees for a variety of tasks. To ensure it does not run low on power it is best also to have an OSRAM POWERinvert PRO in the vehicle. This high-quality inverter is a clever product that connects directly to the vehicle battery and converts the 12V or 24V from the battery into 230V AC so that small devices and even laptops can be powered directly from the vehicle.

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