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The MOBOTIX E-Mobility-Solution-Pack comprehensively covers the application areas of the growth industry.


More security, better processes, and higher revenues - that is the promise of the latest MOBOTIX Solution Pack with effective total solutions for companies in e-mobility - one of the world's most rapidly expanding growth markets. As the amount of charging stations grows along with the rapidly increasing number of motor vehicles powered by electricity, this market will continue to accelerate in the coming years.

New requirements of a new industry
Beyond general security and fire safety, intelligent video technology can support processes and operations around electric charging to ensure the charging station's safe, effective, and profitable operation. MOBOTIX video technology can help to detect operating errors and intervene via signals. At the same time, the system maintains a customer-friendly ambience. It uses statistics and market research tools to ensure permanent process optimization of the station in the customer's interests. Unauthorized visitors can also be detected, and the charging system is blocked to protect against misuse. In addition, the MOBOTIX systems can indicate upcoming maintenance in good time, which can be carried out before a breakdown occurs.

Essential data from real-time license plate recognition
Controlled access via MOBOTIX license plate recognition increases security at charging stations on the one hand. On the other hand, it also improves service through automated access or prioritization of regular customers. You can optimize the service and customer satisfaction using the generated vehicle documentation and marketing data.

Remote access via MOBOTIX CLOUD and MOBOTIX HUB
Typically, e-charging stations are operated with a small staff or entirely autonomously. However, they can still be monitored remotely around the clock via MOBOTIX CLOUD and MOBOTIX HUB. In critical incidents or other events, MOBOTIX video technology enables immediate intervention, e.g., via a micro and audio function - even without personnel on site and for several stations simultaneously.

Anticipatory fire protection
Anticipatory fire protection is essential for e-mobility, e-charging stations, and batteries for e-cars. MOBOTIX systems are not only predestined but they are also certified multiple times and internationally for qualified early fire detection. This means that MOBOTIX systems can not only ensure optimum fire protection during the charging process but can also be used to safeguard stationary energy storage systems - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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