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The EMT of Valencia trusts Jaltest Telematics to maximise its fleet availability

The EMT of Valencia grants Cojali the project for the “Installation and commissioning of a system for the sensoring, capturing and exploitation of environmental and vehicle data in the fleet of the Local Transport Company of Valencia (EMT) S.A.U.”.

The EMT of Valencia trusts Jaltest Telematics to maximise its fleet availability

The project, which will be co-funded by the NextGenerationUE programme of the European Union, considers the implementation of Jaltest Telematics to be a global solution for fleet management that offers advanced remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, apart from integrating weather stations to control environmental parameters in the 320 vehicles of the local company.

With this project, the EMT of Valencia intends to increase the operative availability of its fleet and optimise its maintenance by being aware of the “health” status of the fleet at all times. Thanks to the potential of the multi-brand and multi-system remote diagnostics offered by Jaltest Telematics, as well as an efficient predictive maintenance, this solution allows the user to prevent potential failures from happening thanks to failure models and even to plan maintenance windows according to the estimation of the components’ useful life.

Besides, having a high-performance on-board device that enables the interaction with the vehicle makes it possible to resolve on-route incidents. This prevents the final users from crashing and requiring on-road assistance, thanks to the possibility of performing advanced tasks remotely, such as error clearance, resets and even particulate filter regenerations.

This project also includes the deployment of on-board environmental monitoring stations present in the vehicles and integrated in Jaltest Telematics, which will enable the monitoring and assessment of the main pollutants that affect the air quality of the city of Valencia. These are sufficiently precise to allow their constant and dynamic exploitation, covering all the city. Thanks to this solution integrated in the environmental platform of the City Council of Valencia, it will be possible to progress towards the reduction of polluting emissions and achieve higher quality of the mobility offered in the city of Valencia, becoming also a way of promoting public transport.

“it is a promising and strategical project for Cojali, where it is placed value on all the potential of remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance of Jaltest Telematics, as well as on our in-house technological and engineering capacities to turn EMT vehicles into mobile environmental monitoring stations, which will allow the City Council of Valencia to reach its goals in relation to the control of polluting emissions and air quality”,
 José Ángel Gallego, Business Development director of Jaltest Telematics & Jaltest Data Analytics & OEM Solutions, has assessed this tender and has remarked that.

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