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Emitech recognized as a Certification Body (CB) under the CB Scheme

Since 2014, Emitech has had its own international certification service called Emitech Certification. It has now been recognized as an NCB (National Certification Body).

Emitech recognized as a Certification Body (CB) under the CB Scheme
As an ISO 17065-accredited product certification body, Emitech Certification has initially become a Notified Body for CE marking. As such, it issues certificates of conformity under the RED 2014/53/EU directive for radio communication equipment, and the EMC 2014/30/EU (electromagnetic compatibility) directive. This involves assessing the conformity of a product for which there are not yet any harmonised standards, extending the validity of a test report to an entire range of products, validating the integration of sub-assemblies by partial tests or a voluntary approach by a manufacturer.

Emitech Certification supports manufacturers who want to market their products internationally. It takes care of the technical and administrative formalities, arranges for local tests to be carried out if necessary to obtain approval, and chooses the most suitable procedure. The CB Scheme (CB Scheme) is thus the most efficient way to approach export markets in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Within the framework of the CB Scheme, Emitech's international certification service has just been recognised as an NCB (National Certification Body). It can now manage its network of CBTLs (Certification Body Testing Laboratories), and deliver, based on their reports, the CB certificates recognized in the member countries.

The CB scheme, a process of mutual recognition of test results between participating countries
The CB scheme is an international certification program for the exchange and acceptance of product test results from recognized participating laboratories, "CBTLs", and National Certification Bodies, "NCBs" in more than 50 countries around the world. The goal of the CB Scheme is to constantly harmonize electrical product safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements at international level, while also taking national deviations into account.

Thanks to mutual recognition of OC certificates between countries, the tests performed are recognised in these member countries. This makes it easier to place products on the market abroad and opens the way for manufacturers to obtain certification marks (NF, etc.).

NCB recognition is a strategic step
Within this context, four of Emitech's laboratories have already been recognized for several years as CBTLs in the categories for medical, laboratory, multimedia and information processing equipment. A CBTL has to depend on a single NCB. Since April 2020, Emitech's certification service has been recognized as a National Certification Body under the NCB scheme. This means that this service can now issue CB certificates from its own CBTL laboratories.

Emitech supports its customers in a global approach to marketing their products abroad. As this process is fully controlled under the framework of the OC Scheme it is largely autonomous and its reactivity is augmented. This recognition is part of the strategy to internationalise Emitech's service offering, established when Emitech created its certification service.

Photo caption: Pascal Bonnenfant, head of Emitech Certification

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