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ACTIA did not wait for the sharp rise in fuel prices to offer public transport operators a solution enabling them to both control their fuel bill and to optimise the operating rate of their fleet.


The eco-driving solution myACTIAfleet is already established in many cities within the French public transport networks. These public transport companies can implement suitable eco-driving as a strategy. TBM recently announced very positive feedback on its network operated by Keolis with a 10% reduction in the fuel bill through the myACTIAfleet solution: on a fleet using predominantly natural gas (CNG) supplemented with hybrid (gas and diesel) and electric buses.

A clean bus driven in an environmentally responsible way helps to save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions, and adopt a driving style that is more comfortable and safer for passengers.

“ACTIA’s eco-driving screen is very practical, it shows us whether the way we are driving is saving energy and is smooth for passenger comfort and safety. With a very simple visual display, we can see in real-time if our driving is appropriate and efficient.” 
Stéphanie, TBM driver-conductor

The ACTIA unit is not only used by the driver, it provides the operating manager with driving results for all drivers.

“On the myACTIAfleet driver dashboard, I can see who is currently the best driver of the fleet. For example, the route’s current best driver has a score of 93% for fuel consumption, he is therefore driving very ecologically. Whereas the average is 87% on his route. The system also gives him a score of 89% for safe driving. myACTIAfleet is therefore a very qualitative means of assessing driving quality. With the ACTIA unit, there’s something for everyone: drivers can correct their driving in real-time and managers can make drivers aware of eco-driving based on real and personalised data.” 

Explains Rodolphe, operating manager.

myACTIAfleet feeds back data connected to the vehicle’s state of health in order to anticipate maintenance and prevent potential malfunctions. The ACTIA solution therefore helps to maintain the operating rate of the vehicles.

“ACTIA data arrives on our server minute by minute in the form of alarms that we prioritise: high, low, or medium priority. We generally process the high priority alarms. For example, fuel level that is too low to allow the vehicle to complete its journey. This data allows us to take action directly on the route, by sending a bus with a mechanic and therefore avoiding the vehicle being towed, involving two people for two hours.
We can also detect a rise in a vehicle’s temperature, so we have all vehicle information to anticipate malfunctions inherent in the daily operation of the vehicles.
For the most recent vehicle models, we even use information from the bus dashboard. This means we know in real-time what is happening with the vehicle. This is really perfect for carrying out predictive maintenance.
With myACTIAfleet, we have saved approximately 10% in diesel and gas since the ACTIA solution was installed. Between the eco-driving function and maintaining vehicles in operational condition, 10% savings in the current climate is a real advantage.” 

States Cyril, TBM continuous improvement technician

This solution, which was first tested and adopted by TISSÉO Collectivités, on the Toulouse network, has been marketed by ACTIA in Europe and chosen by networks of other major operators such as RATP, TRANSDEV, RTM, etc. It is particularly used (in different versions) by more than a dozen other cities such as Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Avignon, and Dijon.

ACTIA therefore supports development in the public transport sector with a solution addressing the major challenges of mobility. These include the passenger experience, passenger safety and comfort, driver safety and comfort, environmental protection, and management imperatives.

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