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KEBA is proud to be a partner in another initiative to make charging electronic vehicles more intuitive, reliable and most of all easier for customers.


Bright.Green, a pioneering company dedicated to transforming the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience, has launched its innovative solution at two Ibis Hotel sites in UK. These initial two locations (situated within busy service stations in Derby & Leicester) mark the first deployments of the Bright.Green platform as part of its partnership with advanced charger technology manufacturer KEBA, and charge point operator EVC Solutions. This groundbreaking initiative is set to redefine the EV charging landscape, making it more intuitive and reliable for customers, and more profitable for operators.

Shared visions – and one mission
Bright.Green's mission to address and solve the significant challenges faced by EV users and Charge Point Operators (CPOs) — a vision shared by its partners KEBA and EVC — has led to the creation of a smart, sustainable solution that enhances the usability, accessibility, and profitability of EV charging stations.

KEBA wallboxes are integrated with EVC Solutions' operational expertise and insights into the CPO landscape. Altogether, Bright.Green is setting new standards for convenience and efficiency in EV charging.

What it’s all about?
The collaboration brings together the best of technology and service, featuring:
  • Centralised Payment Kiosks: Revolutionising the EV charging experience by introducing a centralised payment system that simplifies the entire charging process. Bright.Green kiosks serve as hubs for users to easily pay via credit card, start, and monitor their charging sessions, and access receipts. This eliminates the need for multiple apps and significantly reduces the hassle associated with traditional charging stations. By streamlining these essential tasks into one intuitive interface, the centralised payment kiosk significantly enhances accessibility and convenience, making EV charging a seamless part of everyday life.
  • KEBA Charge Points: Leveraging the advanced technological prowess of KEBA to ensure the reliability and efficiency of every charge point. This collaboration guarantees a fast, safe, and uninterrupted charging experience for all users.
  • Innovative Advertising Platform: Creating lucrative advertising opportunities in previously uncharted territories. This strategic integration transforms charging stations into valuable marketing platforms, where targeted offers and information can be delivered to Bright.Green Kiosk screens, allowing advertisers to connect with an affluent and environmentally conscious demographic. For operators, this translates into an attractive avenue for recouping operational costs and unlocking additional revenue streams, thereby enriching the EV charging infrastructure with profitable and engaging content.
  • Round-the-Clock Support and Management: Providing unparalleled support and management for charging stations 24/7. This comprehensive oversight — enabled by the extensive operational expertise of EVC Solutions — ensures that each charging point remains in optimal condition, offering consistent and reliable service to EV drivers at all times.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management: Covering kiosk, payments, charge point and site monitoring, the Bright.Green Connect platform ensures operational excellence and high service quality. Through real-time data analytics and diagnostics, Bright.Green intelligently aids EVC in addressing potential issues, optimising performance, and enhancing user satisfaction. This holistic approach empowers operators with the insights and control needed to maintain a seamless and efficient EV charging ecosystem.
Bright.Green's collaboration with KEBA and EVC Solutions exemplifies a unified approach to solving the complexities of EV charging.

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