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Samsung unveils a new Ultra-Wideband Chipset for Mobile and Automotive Applications

Samsung Electronics has released its first ultra-wideband chipset, the Exynos Connect U100, with single-digit centimeter accuracy for use in mobile, automotive and IoT devices.

Samsung unveils a new Ultra-Wideband Chipset for Mobile and Automotive Applications

Samsung also unveiled ‘Exynos Connect’, a new brand that consolidates its short-range wireless communication solutions, such as UWB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that are essential in facilitating an increasingly hyper-connected world.

UWB is a short-range wireless communication technology that operates over a broad frequency spectrum, allowing for fast data transfers at low power. With its ability to capture highly accurate spatial and directional data, UWB is growing in popularity across various industries including those that deal with remote payments, smart keys, smart homes and smart factories.

Leveraging time of arrival (ToA) and 3D angle of arrival (AoA) measurements, Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 provides an accuracy of single-digit centimeters and under five degrees. This makes it especially useful when tracking location in challenging indoor environments where GPS is unavailable as well as for AR and VR applications that require exact and real-time tracking of moving people.

The U100 integrates radio frequency (RF), baseband, embedded Flash (eFlash) memory and power management IP into a single chip, making it ideal for use in compact devices.

Through its power-saving mode, the U100 can maximize the battery life of mobile and automotive solutions as well as IoT devices like smart tracking tags that run on batteries with limited power capacity. For reliable communication, the U100 is also equipped with a scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) function and a secure hardware encryption engine to prevent external hacking.

Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 has been certified by the FiRa Consortium, an industry-led non-profit organization that certifies UWB products for conformity to interoperability standards.

The U100 also complies with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key Release 3.0, a standard designed to store, authenticate and exchange digital keys for vehicles, enabling U100-equipped smartphones to securely communicate digital key information with vehicles.

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